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RAMP offers key advantages with each transaction:

  • All transactions are pre-paid before you dispatch the goods.
  • There are no invoice terms or debts to collect.
  • You gain an immediate reduction in slow-moving stock levels.
  • You receive an immediate improvement in cash flow.

As rural retailers, we all share the same problems. Farmers’ needs change with the weather. This makes it hard to decide on how much stock to buy and we don’t always get it right, which can be costly. We often end up with a surplus of stock to sell where there is little demand, and yet the same products are selling in other parts of the country.

Rural Ag Marketplace solves this by connecting you with other rural retailers to buy and sell surplus stock between yourselves. As a seller, you can sell your unwanted and surplus stock to other retailers around the country. As a buyer, you can access the extra stock you need, or list a product you want to buy.

We’re totally independent, and anyone is free to join – no matter the colour of your shirt.


Solve slow-moving & surplus stock

The cost of funding inventory is one of the greatest costs in our industry, and recent research suggests surplus stock is about 40% of the average rural supply store’s inventory. That’s 40% of your warehouse that could be cleared out. Stock that could be sold to fund a new store fit-out. Or even your next family holiday.

Often the issue with surplus stock isn’t the stock itself – it’s the local market. You might struggle to sell a specific product when another retailer half away across the country can’t buy it in fast enough. RAMP makes it easy to list your products to sell to other retailers around the country. It’s free to sign up, and free to make a listing.

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With rural retailers all around Australia able to use RAMP to sell their surplus stock, there are plenty of opportunities to find a bargain on stock that you need.

From clothing to chemicals, saddlery to seeds – our marketplace covers everything sold at a typical rural supplies store.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, our ‘wanted to buy’ feature enables you to list the product you want and receive an email notification when someone lists it.

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It’s completely free to sign up and make a listing on our marketplace. When you sell products, we take a standard commission of 5% to keep things running smoothly.

As an introductory offer, the first 50 retailers to register and list products on our Rural Ag Marketplace will receive a 50% discount on our standard commission fee during the first 3 months.

Sign up today and jump straight in to ramp up your sale of surplus stock.

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Supporting Rural Retailers to Work Together

RAMP was created to solve the problems of slow and surplus stock in the rural supplies industry - by working together. Use RAMP to buy and sell stock with a national network of rural retailers, and help us to minimise the amount of wastage we create as an industry while freeing up your own working capital for the things that matter to you.

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